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Lord Shiva is the destructive aspect of the Trinity.  Lord Bramha having created the five Kumaras, he ordered them to go and progenite the universe.  The Kumaras not wanting to engage in household activities but to go back to God refused.  Bramha became enraged and in his anger from his forehead emerged a little boy of a bluish red color (blue for ignorance and red for passion) which he named Rudra.  Rudra was given eleven wives and he and his descendents populated the universe in great numbers.  His followers borne of anger was creating havoc even threatening Rudra and Lord Bramha who asked Rudra to go into deep meditation so that his followers might calm down.

He is decorated with a crescent shaped moon which he took from the churning of the ocean of milk. The Surabhi cow which also came from the the churning gave birth to a snow white bull Nandi who has since become Shiva's companion.  Consort of Sati whose father Daksha is the most vocal critic him.  Once there was a great sacrifice at which Bramha and Shiva were present, Daksha arrived at the arena with a brilliant glow showing all his splendor, everyone stood up in respect and Bramha welcomed him.  Shiva in meditation did not acknowledge Daksha, who proceeded to direct insults at Shiva, afraid of Daksha nobody said anything, Shiva left the arena and Daksha still left shortly after in anger.

Later, Daksha was sponsoring a sacrifice and attendees came from various parts of the universe.  Daksha did not invite Sati nor Shiva, knowing that her mother and sisters will be there Sati asked Shiva for them to go since one does not need an invitation to go to a relative's home.  Shiva countered that it is true but also if one knows that being a guest he will be insulted then it is best not to go.  Determined Sati proceeded towards her father's house half running not changing that Shiva might try stop her, seeing her thus the followers of Shiva put her on Nandi the bull and led a procession with singing and much pomp.  Upon arriving at her father's house her mother and sisters not expecting her hugged her and were all in tears.  Sati noticed that absent at the alter is a place for Lord Shiva and that upset her.  Daksha started to speak foul-mouthed words about Shiva.  Overbearing Sati proclaimed that she will give up her body and come back to father she could respect so said she performed yoga and burned herself to ashes.  Her followers became angry and attempted to disrupt the alter but a saint quickly invoked a mantra which prevented them from so doing then he invoked some beings that quickly dispersed them.

Upon hearing the news that his wife Sati was dead and how it happened, Shiva became very angry, he plucked a strand of hair from his head and lashed it to the ground a huge fierce looking demon appeared and asked Shiva what he wanted him to do when Shiva related the story the demon headed towards Daksha's residence creating a huge sand storm as he stomped his feet on the earth.  The followers of Shiva now aching for revenge accompanied the demon, upon arriving at the areana of sacrifice the wreaked havoc cutting off arms, legs and killing anyone that got in their way.  One of them grabbed Daksha and attempted to cut off his head but all attempts failed, finally he grabbed the sacrificial knife and with that power chopped off Daksha's head and threw it in the fire where it burned to ashes.

Regrouping the ones who escaped went to Lord Bramha and told him what happened, Bramha took them to Shiva and they begged him an apology citing their fear of Daksha who is now dead.  Shiva restored everyone who was there, but for Daksha whom the head of the sacrificial goat was placed on his body and he regained consciousness, Daksha finally accepted Shiva as a great being and begged and prayed to him for forgiveness